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Hello Readers, to help you master the mantra of digital marketing to grow your startup and business, we would like to share Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs (DMFE) course with you!!

What exactly is Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs (DMFE) Course?

DMFE is a 20 hours long intensive LIVE training with recordings for entrepreneurs and creators on various aspects and components of Digital Marketing by Shweta Sherchan.

In this course, you will not only get general insights on Fundamentals and Opportunities of Digital Marketing, but you will deep dive into the specifics like WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Landing Page, Social Media Marketing and Advertisement, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Analytics and Lead Generation.

What will I learn in this course?

You will learn every bits and pieces of Digital Marketing in this course which includes:

  • Digital Marketing wide scope
  • WordPress Dashboard & how to maintain any blog /website
  • How to build online brand, online branding essentials
  • How to leverage Google search & On Page SEO
  • What is landing page & How to generate lead using various platform? (Organic + Paid Ad)
  • How to make content marketing plan+ social media strategy?
  • How to use CANVA + Mailchimp+ WordPress
  • Usage of social media platform
  • Monetizing your skill online using your digital skill
  • Remote working basics

What are the major benefits of taking this course?

Along with the knowledge on the components of Digital Marketing, these are the additional benefits this course offers:

Online Class
First and foremost it is an online class, so you can learn from the comfort of your couch. Also the well know remote working tools like Zoom for teaching and google drive and Doc file for collaboration will be used.

Recording For Future Reference
It is well understandable that retention of knowledge is often difficult, especially when you are a newbie. But with this course, you get your class recording to your email inbox after each class within 24 hours.

Practical + Theory
This training will have everything: a presentation, recorded video for learning and LIVE training for individual modules. So along with the theories, you will simultaneously learn to practically apply what you are learning.

FREE WordPress Website
Save the best for the last right? Along with all the above benefits you will Get a FREE custom Domain and hosting for a YEAR also a FREE wordpress website that would cost you Rs. 25,000 easily with a complete blog setup with this training!!

Details of the course 

Date: Starting August 3rd Week

Time: Either 10:30 AM to 12 PM or 6:30 PM to 8 PM

Fee: Rs.15,000 including Tax

Referral Discount: 10% Discount (valid only for’s entrepreneurs)

Registration: Register Here

If you want to know more about this course then check it out here.

In a nutshell, this course is surely going to enables you and teaches you all the necessary skills, tools & strategies in order to get start your own digital career!