Digital Health and Remote Learning gaining momentum in Nepal during COVID-19


The lockdown imposed to  prevent Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic allows sale of essentials and medicines however people are anxious  as their needs are beyond these basic needs. Parents and students are concerned with the looming uncertainty around this academic year and education while many are anxious about their medical conditions that may  require  doctor’s consultations  or even Lab tests. 

So, a number of pharmaceutical companies have come forward to deliver the medicines and other medical products at the doorstep of the customer with minimal physical.

 24seven Health and Beauty is one of them, it has been delivering medicines in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Pokhara. “All our transactions are taking place online, we are getting the orders for the medicines and getting them delivered within 24 hours to the customers.”  said Jagrit Ojha, CEO of 24seven Health and Beauty. 

But delivery of medicines  and other medical products is  not enough. People, especially the elderly need time to time consultation and checkups. Seeing the need 24seven Health and Beauty have added free medical consultations on their service list. They have on board 7 doctors whom the  patients can call up, to get any kind of medical help. The medical  services  by 24seven Health and Beauty does not end here.

“We have also started normal health check ups and blood testing to ensure that people, especially those who constantly need medical consultations, are not affected by the lockdown. Patients can now get their lab report collected and delivered using our platform,” mentioned Ojha.

The pandemic is changing the way hospital and pharmaceutical companies operate. It has become more about online buying/delivery than waiting for customers to come to your physical store.

Supriya and Sasin, founders of Nepal Med completely agree with this. They have been leveraging the digital platform and delivering medicines but its not all hunky dory. “ We have given leave to all our staff, it’s just me and my husband managing and handling the pharmacy and the medicine deliveries,” said Supriya. 

Along with this, Supriya and  Sasin are fighting another front. Collecting medicines and other consumables from the wholesalers which previously used to be dropped by them. 

Beside these, there are other multiple medical consultation providers and medicine delivery startups that are actively working on getting the medicines to your place like Jeeve, Annapurna Pharmacy Pvt. Ltd to name a few. 

The medical startups are not the only one adapting to the new normal by leveraging digital health. The coronavirus outbreak has forced e-commerce based education platforms to switch modalities too., an online education portal has been providing notes and other learning materials to the students for a few years now. But with the lockdown announced and now extended, Kullabs decided  to extend the service it provides. To support students, especially those appearing for SEE and HSEB examination, Kullabs announced online tuition classes. 

“It has been a few weeks since I started using the notes from Kullabs. The chemistry notes have been the most useful for me. It is a lot easier to understand the concepts, which I previously found really tough,” said Ritu Shakya, a SEE appearing student. 

Neemacademy is another e-learning platform that has been actively involved in digitizing the education system in Nepal with informative and interactive videos and academic materials.  To help students with their studies despite the current situation Neemacademy made all its courses free for Grade 1 to 5 and Grade 10 students.  

All these startups have taken a small yet impactful step to help solve the problem the pandemic has brought among the masses while also staying relevant in the more than ever dynamic business environment. 

Do you want us to cover other startups that have reinvented their modalities to stay relevant? Drop their names down in the comment section below!