Some Delivery Companies in Town to Get your Orders Delivered!


The e-commerce business in Nepal has been burgeoning at a steady pace from the last few years. The COVID crisis and the lockdown has accelerated the e-commerce business, with online shopping becoming the a norm among people due to the social distancing. However increase in online shopping among the customers, open up a new set of challenges for the businesses, especially for startups, to get the orders delivered. The broken supply chain, traffic woes and lack of proper address system are some new hurdles that entrepreneurs are tackling.

Now that the number of e-commerce orders are spiking, business owners and founders have to consider new ways to deliver increasing product volumes and being limited to self delivery may not suffice.

In this post, we share with you some delivery and logistics companies that can get your orders delivered, sparing you time to focus on other important aspects of running a venture.


One of the renowned names in the delivery and logistics industry in Nepal is NepXpress. Entering the market in 2016, it was the first courier network to bring in the routing automation and tracking system taking the sector to new heights. “With an aim to be the largest courier distribution network in Nepal, we have been serving the national and international organizations, startups, hotel/restaurants and individuals for past 5 years now.” says Sangam Singh, co-founder and CEO of NepXpress.

With 12 Crossing centers and 128 sub-agent Network across the country, NepXpress was also actively working since day 1 during the lockdown, providing all Local, Domestic and International (Import/Export) service continuously. Singh further mentioned, “We took a step ahead and started transporting the COVID TEST SAMPLES to and from all 77 districts with National Public Health Laboratory, a government body under Department of Public Health, because that was what we felt important as a company operating in the society using its resources.”

He further stated the delivery service request process is quite simple at NepXpress, all you have to do is download the NepXpress app, choose the service you are looking for (local, domestic, international, city cargo), fill up details and confirm. NepXpress pickup staff or customer support team then calls for follow up.

It’s not only NepXpress catering to startups and small businesses. Aayo Express is another delivery service company that has been in the market for a few years now. “A lot of small and micro businesses are coming up these days and we have been actively delivering their orders, regardless of the quantity to major cities of Nepal” mentioned Ram Sharma , founder of Aayo Express.

Aayo Express

Aayo Express takes pride in its swift delivery via their delivery ninjas, who despite the pandemic worked on delivering the orders to serve their clients. Along with swift delivery, Aayo Express has been handling the cash for their clients. “It’s pretty simple to get the orders delivered through us. All you need to do is contact us, we pick up the orders from you and based on the information, we get the products delivered to your customers”, he said.

Ritu Shakya, Founder of Mummyko Macrame is a loyal customer of Garuda Express. “Delivering the orders on time is one of the challenges for every startup founder. I have used the delivery service of a number of companies and by far I have had the best experience with the Garuda Express. They deliver on time and out of the valley too. Also they have a great customer service. The only thing is they can work on their cash on deposit service. Other than this they provide a really efficient service”, Shakya told

She added, “Having a delivery partner really makes things easier for you and you get to focus on other things like production and new product development. So, I would recommend small businesses like us, to have a third party delivery service.”

The Garuda Express

With excellent on-time service for firms-companies, hospitals, centers, groups, retailers, and labs throughout Nepal, Garuda Express has been giving utmost priority to the safety and liability to the goods and materials being delivered. All their drivers are well trained, uniformed, groomed, and wear identification badges for increased security.

Kharayo Delivery is another delivery service that was launched amidst the pandemic. “We had been helping few friends’ businesses with delivery since early August and we got a lot of boost from referrals, which made us take the plunge and start the company regardless of the situation”, said Lasata Bajracharya, Proprietor at Kharayo.

Kharayo Delivery

Having managed her small family run online businesses, she very well understood the importance of customers satisfaction and their immediate requirements, which is why she has decided to keep her services running in spite of the festivals.

“We are planning to keep our services running despite the festivals. If there are immediate orders we will get it delivered. The services may run in low volume and with proper prior notices but our delivery heroes are and will always be on full swing”, she added.

“Kharayo even though new to the market has an excellent delivery service. The orders are delivered on time and they give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. I have started using their service recently and it has been a great experience”, stated Neha Shrestha, the founder of Hesse creations.

Upaya: City Cargo, Breesky, Dropmandu Nepal are some other delivery service companies currently operating in Nepal. And regardless of the festive holidays that are working to cater their customers delivery needs.

All in all, majority of startups and small businesses in Nepal have in-house delivery service. However, offering in-house delivery comes at a price — hiring, training and employing delivery drivers adds labor costs. An increasingly popular alternative to in-house delivery is to utilize a third-party delivery service. These platforms can give thousands of new customers access to your products, increase brand visibility and allow you to keep your sales going regardless of the COVID lockdown.

Are you using third party delivery service to get your ordered delivered? How has your experience been and Which company do you recommend? Comment down below!

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