International webinar on COVID19 and New Cyber Security Risks for Financial Institutions


idi-webinarCOVID19 has forced a lot of organizations to close down leading to more remote work. Among them, banks and financial institutions have had to create more virtual access to systems and data to their workers in order to keep the operations going. However, doing this has also made the organization’s data vulnerable to theft and hacking. Given the short time to think of handling this situation, not all of the organizations have come up with an anti-hacking system.

Hence, to solve this problem and to aware of financial organizations on how they can protect their data while working virtually from different places, International Development Institute has organized this webinar. It will be hosted by Michael Edwards who is the Attorney-at-law with a specialization in banking and credit unions. The webinar will focus on these challenges, vulnerabilities, and best practices.

Date: 27th April, Monday
Time: 8 PM
Registration is mandatory at

For more information, please visit Covid-19 and New Cyber Security Risks for Financial Institutions.