Cupid Approved Sustainable Gifts for Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day!


Over millions of paper cards are sent and received, in some cases, thrown right in the trash during Valentine’s Day. Not only that, the highly non-ecological nylon lingerie sets and polyester teddy bears that sell out across the world may seem sweet but they are a plight on the environment.  

No doubt, Valentine’s Day isn’t exactly the most environmentally friendly holiday we celebrate. But honestly we cannot deny the fact that all of us love this day.

Why  not celebrate this day of love, gratefulness and gratitude being as eco-friendly and environmentally aware as possible?

Here are some of the eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make your partner feel special and loved while not harming our Mother Earth at the same time!

Also do remember, you can be your own Valentine! There’s nothing to stop you from loving yourself, and treating yourself to a heartfelt Valentine’s gift!

1. Give out potted plants instead of cut flowers

A potted plant lasts way longer than a cut rose or a bouquet which makes it a lot more meaningful for your special someone. 

Do your research, and get a living plant that you feel represents your relationship, your feelings for your Valentine, or even the person themselves. You can order some from Green Space Nepal and watch the plant bloom like your relationship!

2. Buy Local Crafts 

Support small business by buying local crafts. Splurge on some contemporary jewelry for your valentine from Maya Handicraft Jewelry for minimalistic, classic, easy to style designs that symbolizes an everlasting bond.

They have recently relocated to Lazimpat, Kendra Bhawan Mall, Trisara Bakery Building!

3. Pampering Set 

Another fantastic Valentine’s gift is a natural and eco-friendly pamper set. Made from the local resources, products from a Nepali brand Nuga: is a perfect way to pamper your other half. From homemade Hand & Foot Butter and foot soak to Herbal Hair Massage Oil they have everything to make your Valentine jump with happiness!

4. Go out for a Meal

If you’re planning on going out for a meal with your Valentine, consider supporting a local restaurant. If you are willing to test your taste buds with new cuisine then consider visiting The House of Mithila, a store cum restaurant for a change, located in Bhaisepati.

Interestingly you can also let your valentine choose women made Mithila gifts from the store!

5. Pottery Session

Perfect for couples who want to relax and try new experiences together. Not only will you be creating something from scratch but you will be having your own therapeutic experience individually. This hands down is a perfect date idea!

For a pottery session you can visit Cera Nepal located in the ancient city of Bhaktapur.

6. Rainbow Cakes

Food can never be a no no to make someone happy and even more so when it is cake. And as a bonus, you get to eat them too!

Order a Combo Box from Rainbow Bakes to celebrate your love with your loved ones while spreading love with others too. For every sale of their Combo Box Rainbow Bakes in collaboration with Happy Hands Nepal will be donating a certain amount to HDI Nepal, an NGO working primarily in Nepalese Education Sector.

These are some of our tips on how to have a more eco-friendly Valentine’s Day this year!

If you have any other tips that you want to let us, we would genuinely love to hear them from you! Hit us up on our Instagram or Facebook!