COVID-19 Learning Fund to give 4000+ Students An Opportunity to Learn!


The COVID-19 pandemic has closed all public schools in Nepal. Thousands of students are missing out on learning due to school closures. They are at risk of falling behind or dropping out of school completely. To change that Changing Stories Nepal are ready with projects that can help give 4.000+ students an opportunity to learn through SMS-texts and phone calls with weekly assignments and exercises.

How can I help?

You can support this cause by donating a small amount. Your small contribution can truly change a child’s life and guide him to the path of light.

From Nepal : You can support by bank transfer to Siddhartha Bank Ltd, Changing Stories Nepal,Account No: 033-150-298-22
You can also CS on their FB/IG or send an email to

From outside Nepal: You can support the CS COVID-19 Learning Fund by clicking on the link or via. MobilePay to 300350. It costs 10USD/60 kr. to reach 1 student.

You can also help spread the word by sharing this with others!

To know more  about changing stories, visit Changing Stories

Check out our conversation with Rene Johnke, Founder and CEO of Changing Stories to know more about the work Changing Stories has been doing to promote learning here