Consultation to Tech Related Startup by Anjani Phuyal


COVID-19 has affected every kind of industry around the world, especially the startups who were just taking baby steps in their ambitious entrepreneurial dreams. They need an extra push from the supporters. Because we know our society, our economy needs these tech startups to grow big with innovative opportunities, create more jobs, ease our lifestyle, and prioritize the eco-friendly approach.

 Anjani Phuyal has come up with a Tech consultation where he will spare some time, work on the selected startups voluntarily and guide them about what could be the next right move at this chaotic market.

TOP FIVE TECH STARTUPS will be selected and guided by Anjani Phuyal

Anjani Phuyal is the Founder and Global CTO of Genese Solution. He has worked in a cloud company named Rackspace as a Senior AWS Cloud Engineer and Senior DevOps Automation Engineer. He has also worked at JWT as an IT executive and served UNDP as an IT Consultant and helped digitize the ministry of Finance. He is involved in many non-profit organizations and has contributed to the tech communities of many countries.

To Apply for Tech Consultation: Fill up the form here.

Eligibility for Applying

  • Should be tech-related startup-like IT companies, e-commerce, job portals, food tech, e-learning
  • Tech startups from any country can participate

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