Conserving our planet Earth: Training on Solid Waste Management and Rooftop Farming


As long as people have been living in settlements and residential areas, garbage or solid waste has always been an issue. Despite the continuous effort, the problem of solid waste has never declined and will not decline if we, ourselves, do not start on solid waste management. To ensure that solid waste is managed in a way that both public health and the environment is protected, Global Peace Foundation has come up with a training session which will help you understand and learn the basics of solid waste management(household) and rooftop farming.

The training sessions will be knowledgeable, productive and fun with practical demonstrations by experts, sharing stories and experiences. The aim of this program is to raise responsible environment protection leader who will support and implement the best practices to protect planet earth.

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019
Time: 11AM – 4PM
Venue: Global Peace Foundation Nepal, Dillibazar Height, Kathmandu

Early Bird Registration Fee: NRs. 500/ only* (till 22 April)
Late Registration Fee: NRs. 600/ only (till 24 April)
(The cost includes the training materials, certificates and snacks)

For more information, go to this link to find out more.