Calling all Youth Changemakers to Attend One Young World Summit Netherlands



One Young World is a platform for all the young leaders around the world to debate, formulate and share innovative solutions to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The application for the Summit which will be held on 27-20 October 2018 is now open for all the leaders of age group 18-30 who have a passion for Global issues. The Summit brings together the most valuable young talent from global and national companies, NGOs, universities and other forward thinking organizations. Delegates interacts and makes long term networks with leaders from almost every industry, sector and country. They hear and are heard by world leaders acting as One Young World Counselors. One Young World are working with their partners to create scholarship opportunities suitable for candidates with range of backgrounds, skill set and nationalities. Currently, Johnson &Johnson Company has opened an application for scholarship to participate in One Young World program.

For all the provisions of the scholarship information provided by Johnson and Johnson Company please check the provided link