Brighten your Tihar by Supporting These Local Initiatives


You don’t always need birthdays to send a gift to your loved ones; festivals provide as much value too. So, shower love and pamper family members and friends with gifts from these companies that we looked up just for you.

1. Banners to Bags (Metta)

As their name suggests, Banners to Bags transforms discarded plastic banners into bags that can be used for daily purposes. Whenever there’s an event happening, big or small, it’s almost always accompanied by a banner. Furthermore, these banners go to the dump once the event is completed. In order to utilize this waste, Banners to Bags make beautiful bags out of them reducing the problem of waste management and unemployment. Join their cause by getting yourself bags from this company to carry goods in Tihar.

2. Local Women Handicrafts
The products offered by this company are all handmade by women from marginalized communities using sustainable methods. Additionally, they seek to promote the lifestyle of these women, their children, and their community. Likewise, their products give one a feeling of humility and conscious living. Don’t trust us? Check out their page and get one of their products this Tihar. 

3. Ecoorb
This creative company is on a mission to reduce deforestation using Elephant dung to produce beautiful papercrafts. We’re sure you need no further reason to order their products and try them out yourself. Besides providing value to the environment, they also offer you great designs and quality products.

Article by Yangzum Lama.