Applyjob Going Global: Bridging the Job Demand-Supply Gap in the Market!


As per the data from the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), during the first lockdown, which lasted a little over three months, there was a 22.4 percent layoff in industries and businesses. Two-thirds of manpower hired as temporary staff or on contract basis lost their jobs.

With unemployment worsening in Nepal Applyjob has taken a step to address the issue.  Applyjob, a Nepali online platform that connects employers and job seekers while creating employment opportunities has been in the headline for a while now. Established in March 2017, the company started as an online recruitment business. Since then, it has grown immensely. In a span of 4 years it has established support centers in 7 different countries which include India, Malaysia, USA, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Australia, expanding its business worldwide.

With the global expansion, now the employers can find talents to grow their organization and job seekers can find their dream jobs, according to preferences with just the click of their finger without any geographical boundaries. Both the parties can now have the opportunity to be part of both national and international ventures worldwide through the platform.

This emerging market leader in the Nepalese e-recruitment space is mostly focused on:

  • Job site
  • Capacity development programs
  • Building community through the network
  • Professional social media
  • Work promotion
  • Portfolio building

Moreover, it also offers cloud computing services in the human resource management (HRM) system for employers and organizations. Along with that, Applyjob provides its customers with numerous benefits, which makes it the ultimate platform for job seekers and employers.

Apply job has more than 80 employees engaged in its team. These teams manage different aspects of the company like development, technology integration, sales and marketing, research and development, and accounting. They also help to make hiring and human management fast, simple, and cost-effective. With the dedicated effort, it has been representing Nepal and its remarkable capabilities all across the globe.

To know more about Applyjob, check out their website here