Apply for Startup Idea Call Program 2077


Startup Idea Call Program 2077 is a nonprofit social entrepreneurship concept developed by the collaboration of government, private sector and financial institution that target the youths who want to become an entrepreneur. They are calling for youths to apply who has an ideas on agriculture, tourism, environment, forest, various industry that can provide employment opportunity, economic development in the nation and protect and persevere the environment.

This program aims to provide free training to those with knowledge, skills and capacity and enhances it with knowledge, skills and technology along with providing them with a concessional loan on minimum interest to help them turn into a capable entrepreneur in our own country.

Through this program, the interest occurred upon the loan will be a minimum 1 per cent to a maximum 3 percent and maximum 15 lakhs will be provided as the concessional loan.


Submission Deadline: 30th Magh 2077

For the detail about the program, visit here.