Innopreneurs, India’s prominent startup contest inviting Nepali Startups!


Within five years of winning Innopreneurs Competition, udChalo, an exclusive and concessional airline ticket booking company, was awarded travel startup of the year in 2019 by Entrepreneur India. Similarly, another startup Lootel, one of the winners of Innopreneurs in 2018 is now providing over 380,000 washroom customer services using smart IOT technologies.

Like the aforementioned success stories, Innopreneurs have supported numerous startup ideas and transformed it into reality.

What is Innopreneurs?
Innopreneurs, an annual contest by Lemon Ideas, started in 2014 with the aspiration to encourage entrepreneurs, students, and other professionals to bring innovative ideas and work collaboratively in mitigating issues. Over the years, the competition has developed into a national level platform in India and with a reimagined vision in its 6th edition, Innopreneurs is searching for ideas beyond its national boundaries.

This year, Innopreneurs is conducting international rounds in countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and UAE. With successful completion of 22 regional rounds with 200+ startups across India and South Asia, the funding and prefinale rounds are scheduled to happen soon.

In a recently growing startup economy like Nepal, the years of experience brought by Innopreneurs and Lemon Ideas can definitely help your startup to reach another height. This edition allows Nepali individuals to test their ideas on an international platform with strongly accredited guests who can provide invaluable suggestions to uplift your ideas.

Major Stages of Innopreneurs Startup Contest 2020

The tracks for the 6th edition are  COVID-19, Education, Sustainable Living, Environment/Energy, AI/ML/Data Science, Ecommerce/Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare. Manufacturing, Services, IT/Web/App, Social Impact and Others.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Passion for Innovation
  • Preference to POC, MVPs
  • Age on Bar

Why Participate?

The Innopreneurs startup competition provides young aspiring entrepreneurs with many avenues of taking an idea to the next level. To be specific the rewards of the contest are:

  • Rs.7.5 Lakhs Worth of Prizes
  • Over Rs.1 Crore of Seed Fund Availability
  • Mentoring and Incubation Support
  • Many Networking Opportunities

To apply for Innopreneurs Startup Contest 2020 Register Here. For more information, visit Innopreneurs Startup Contest  or email to