Apply for Global Social Business Summit 2018


Global Social Business Summit (GSBS) is organized by the Nobel Peace Prize laureate professor Muhammad Yunus and his creative advisor Hans Reitz, and gathers experts from the private sector, civil society, governments and academia over a few days of meetings, forums and workshops.

The GSBS is the worldwide leading forum for Social Business. It serves to spread awareness about Social Business, foster discussion and collaboration between practitioners and stakeholders, as well as present and conceive best practices.

Topics of the GSBS 2018:

  1. Plastic & Circular Economy,
  2. Mobility, Solidarity,
  3. Sports & Social Business and
  4. Food & Its Value.

Benefits of attending the event:

  1. The GSBS is the leading forum for Social Business worldwide bringing together Prof. Yunus, experts from Grameen as well as worldwide experts from private sectors, civil society, governments and academia to further advance the idea of Social Business.
  2. The GSBS gathers inspirational speakers, opinion leaders, participants and exhibitors alike to underline their role as active key playersin the global Social Business movement and increase public awareness for their initiatives.
  3. The GSBS provides a 360° experience over 2 days. It not only highlights the impactSocial Business has but also gives orientation through the global Grameen organizations. This program is made to have your personal growth and experience at its core.
  4. The program is designed in a way to provide an environment and atmosphere to exchange knowledge and best practices, to connectwith likeminded people and to spark new social business ideas and partnerships.
  5. Social Business helps actively bringing the SDGs into action. It not only aims to eradicate poverty but also has people, environment and sustainable development at its core.

Event Date: 6th -9th November 2018

Venue: Wolfsburg, Germany

For detail information and application, click on the provided link.