Apply for Get in the Ring’s Global Pitch Competition


Get in the Ring’s Global Pitch Competition invites founders from over 100 countries to pitch their solutions against their opponents in the ring. Get in the Ring is different from any other startup pitching competition. Pitching in the ring creates undeniable competitive electricity which means founders are forced to up their game and give a pitch they are proud of.


  • bring together hundreds of innovators and business leaders to listen to your solution.
  • chance to become part of the Get in the Ring community and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors and corporate
  • By winning a local Get in the Ring event, you automatically win a place at Global Meetup 2019, where they invite the world’s most promising startups together for a 3-day retreat and business networking opportunity.
  • Investment opportunities.

Event date: 15th April 2019.

For detail information click on the provided link.