Application Open for World Summit Award 2021


The World Summit Award(WSA) is a unique awards system, selecting and promoting local digital innovation with a high impact on improving society. It is a non-monetary award system with a focus on sustainable knowledge transfer through a worldwide network. Winners benefit not from a one-time financial reward, but a lifelong partnership and integration

The WSA is also a nomination-based award system. To participate you need to be nominated by a WSA National Expert as the best national digital application in one of the 8 categories. The categories are:


Combining an ongoing series of international events and activities with a global network of start-ups, social entrepreneurs, mentors, jurors, speakers, experts, government leaders, academia, and civil society, WSA is an international platform for cutting edge examples on how ICTs can have an impact on society.

Check the details to apply here. Deadline to apply for WSA and WSA Young Innovators is September 30th, 2021.

For more detail, visit the World Summit Award.